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MetroHealth – Ascent ED Announcement

MetroHealth Emergency room partnership with connects addicts to recovery coaches Cleveland-based Ascentc Ascent is owned and operated by parent company Sober Grid, Inc.. .

For the last six months, MetroHealth has connected opioid addicts in hospital’s emergency room to recovery coaches from Ascent. The Cleveland company began four years ago as a smartphone application that immediately connects recovering addicts to peer coaches and other resources, founder Brian Bailys said.

Bailys got the idea to put recovery coaches in the emergency room after hearing about a similar program in Rhode Island. The Ascent ED program is modeled after the AnchorED program at The Providence Center, he said.

In the last six months, Ascent ED recovery coaches have spoken to approximately 700 patients in MetroHealth’s emergency room. Roughly 150 of those patients decided to seek treatment, so Ascent ED got them into inpatient treatment programs, Bailys said.

The coaches’ pitches are effective because they are also in recovery, Bailys said. Coaches must be in recovery for at least three years and be certified by the state of Ohio as a peer support specialist.

“What people want is to be able to talk to somebody they can trust,” Bailys said. “They don’t always trust the doctor or the police, even though they should. But they trust somebody who’s lived that experience.”

More about Ascent by Sober Grid

The Ascent powered by Sober Grid mobile application quickly connects addicts in recovery to peer support specialist and other resources. Ascent powered by Sober Grid staffs recovery coaches 24/7 so there is always someone on the other end of the phone and mobile app to talk to a person suffering with substance use disorder (SUD). Virtual recovery coaches are now available 24/7 in or out of the hospital.

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