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How to Find Serenity (Part II)

“While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart.”

- St. Francis of Assisi

Last week we have started to discuss the topic of Serenity and the ways on how to find and keep it in your life. Devoting more than one blog-post to it seems wise, as Serenity is the state of being calm and tranquil no matter what goes down in your life. Therefore, let’s discuss a few more common ways of acquiring it for yourself.

Meditation outside

A recent Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University study discovered that meditation has a positive effect on the brain. Gaelle Desbordes, PhD, a research fellow at MGH's Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging states that "several weeks of meditation can shrink a region of the brain linked to anxiety and expands a region associated with emotions and memory". Moreover, a study in 2011 revealed that being outdoors actually is much better for the stability of mental health than going to the gym. So, when you are uncertain how or what you feed, go for a long walk, preferably to the places you love, and let your thought evolve on the fresh air.

Do not let your mind wonder off

At times, it happened that we can let our mind slip off and into the wrong direction. Getting irritated by the smallest things; deciding to correct the bad behavior of others; obsessing over the past - these are all symptoms of the mind wandering away towards wrong thinking. When you notice something like that happening, you have to stop what you are doing and start doing whatever it takes to help your mind to get back on track. The way of clearing and bringing your mind back to order is different for everyone. It may be listening to calming music or reading an inspiring article; taking a walk outside with your pet or going for a bike ride; going for your favorite group meeting or just talking to your trusted person in life. Whatever it takes to re-direct and clear your mind, doing it will help you to get back on track and appreciate your own efforts and the efforts of your close people.

Share your love and kindness

Do to people as you want them to do to you. The bad things that you say or do to other people may or may not affect them, but the attitude you have towards them will eventually come back to you. If you are unhappy, take a deep breath and analyze what the reason of it is, because hurting others will never contribute to your happiness. Instead, be kind because happiness of others is usually contagious, as well as the feeling of worthiness when you help a stranger. You will find that by doing these little acts of kindness, you’ll bring a peace and feeling of worthiness to your own world.

Think before you drink

Drinks like coffee, tea and some soft drinks have caffeine, which has a different range of influence on every person. Therefore, it is important to know how much exactly it affects you. If after drinking one of those drinks, you feel that your negative emotions escalate and take over you, then either reduce or eliminate the consumption of those.

To add to the point, alcohol affects different people in various ways. Drinking a glass of red wine a day has been medically proven to have a positive effect on the work of your heart and the level of red cells in blood. However, If drinking wine makes you unable to control your drinking limits, then the only way out is to cut alcohol out of your life. Being happy, therefore, is way more important than your Starbucks or your glass of wine in the evening.

Make your place feel homely

When your house is cluttered or, visa versa, almost empty, that contributes greatly to your personal feeling of discomfort, as well as, to the level of irritation and depression. You can’t relax in a place that does not comfort you or make it feel like home. Therefore, try to make your home a place that corresponds with the look you like and contains the things you adore and that make you happy. You should breathe a sigh of relief when you enter your home. It should be a refuge for both your mind and your senses.

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.”

- James Allen

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