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How to find your purpose in life

Many of us think that something is missing in our lives. We all, sometimes, feel that we don't yet know our destination, and that we are wandering around purposelessly. We feel desperate and numb. We want to find that deeper connection. When we can't find the purpose, we fall into wrong habits. Some get into drug abuse, others into alcohol, depression, or even into sex addiction. All these ways of coping are harmful and cause us more pain than gain. Many say that the two greatest days of a human's life are the day he or she is born and the day he or she finds the purpose of life. Without finding it, life can feel really hard, and it can become difficult to keep going. There are many of us suffering from this problem. We work jobs we do not like. We are in relationship with people we do not particularly love. We somehow carry on our life because we have to live it before we die. But all this changes once we know what exactly we were born to do, what sets our hearts on fire. As the saying goes, if we love what we do, we will never work a day in our lives! So, it's very important to make our lives purposeful because only then we can give our best and we can be happy. So, how to make that happen?

Be more proactive

Finding the purpose of life becomes easier when we are looking for our own way to do so - trying out new things; getting out of our comfort zone; taking up new challenges. The more we act, the closer we are to finding out what is best for us! The closer we are to finding out what we are best at, and what we love doing! Eventually, the more we act, the less we over-think on what we should or should not do; what we are or aren’t good at; what if we fail. Until and unless we get out of our comfort zone, stop being afraid of failures, and start taking up challenges and doing things we love just to try out, we never will be finding out the purpose of our life. So, the first and best way to find the purpose of our lives is like Nike says, “Just do it.”

Think with your heart and not your mind

It is the fact that we have our brains to think. It's the work of our mind to analyze situations and come up with logical conclusions. Our mind makes the choices that are the safest for us to rely on. However, sometimes, the safest ways aren't the best ones. Sometimes, we should let our heart do the thinking rather than our mind because it's our heart which knows what we actually love. Our heart might not give us the most practical option, but then, sometimes, it's not the most practical option that leads us to our destiny. So, to find out true calling and our true purpose, we need to set ourselves free from the fears of what if it doesn't work out, follow our heart and take the jump! It might not work out every time, but the one time that it will work out, we will find what we really want to do.

Finally, we always think there is only one purpose in our lives. However, we are dynamic people, and many of us are not just limited to one thing. If we limit ourselves trying to look for that one thing, than we lose many other opportunities, and we end up not trying many other new things that we might be good at. Most successful people do not limit themselves to only one thing, but, rather, try out many new things. That's how they expand their capabilities. That's how they do not lock themselves to just one purpose or destination, but are open to what life brings on them and where life takes them.

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