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Why to quit smoking Marijuana?

Marijuana is one of the most addictive drugs known today, with thousands of addicts all around the world. This drug is as addictive as alcohol. 10% of people who smoke marijuana get addicted to it. Such users, who have become addicted to marijuana, will continue to use the drug despite the negative consequences. They become unable to control their addictive behavior.

There are tons of people who want to get rid of their marijuana addiction. There was study conducted, in which 2446 young adults between the age of 14-24 were followed for 4 years and 10% out of them were addicted to marijuana. 17% of this research pool had withdrawal symptoms after stopping marijuana, 14% were unable to stop smoking weed or control the use of it, and 13% continued to smoke weed despite having health problems. Marijuana is one of the hardest drugs to give up on. It's not as addictive as many other drugs, but marijuana addicts like the high so much that they do not want to let it go, and they think smoking weed is their final choice.

The first step to stopping or recovering from marijuana addiction is to first make a promise to oneself to quit weed and not to go back to it. Without such a promise, there is no point of starting an addiction recovery program. The user has to find him or herself another way to relax, to deal with problems or to reward him or herself, which is different from smoking marijuana or using any other addictive substance.

Marijuana kills your ability to feel

There are many bad consequences of smoking marijuana. According to the research published in New York Times in 2014, 18-24 year olds, who smoke weed at least once a week, have abnormalities in their brains. The studies revealed that marijuana affected the part of the brain which is responsible for feeling and rationalization; and even casual marijuana users can become addicted in the future or lose the ability to deal with or feel some emotions.

Marijuana kills your IQ

Studies conducted by American Psychological Association in 2015 have shown that marijuana use is toxic to the brain and effects the IQ. In one such experiment, 1000 people were studied who started smoking weed when they were young. Their present IQ was tested and compared to the ones when they were just adolescent. The results showed that marijuana users had a decline of 6 points average on IQ compared to non-smokers who usually have a higher IQ!

Marijuana makes you depressed

Another reason to quit marijuana is that weed smokers are more likely to feel depressed than usual. One study found out that weed smokers are four times more likely to become depressed than non smokers. One study, published by “” in 2017, that followed 1920 people for 16 years, concluded that those who smoked weed were four times more likely to become depressed than the ones who did not smoke weed. Another study of 1601 young students of ages 14-15 found out that 60% of them had tried weed, 7% had become addicted and, shockingly, the women who smoked weed had 5 times higher chance of getting depressed.

Marijuana makes you become psychotic

Weed smokers have a tendency to hallucinate as well as develop symptoms of psychosis. A study which spanned for three years followed 4045 people who were initially without any symptoms of psychosis. After the conclusion of the study, it was noted that the ones who smoked weed have three times higher chance of developing symptoms of psychosis than the ones who didn't smoke.

So, there are multiple serious reasons one should consider quitting smoking weed. Yes, quitting weed is not easy. College students are hooked onto it. High school students find it cool. However, is the feeling of being high and the fake sense of euphoria, both of which only last couple of hours, worth losing the feelings in your brains, becoming dumber or developing depression? I guess not! So, quit weed and fight out the withdrawal.

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