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No good will come out of drug abuse!

Drugs are a big problem among the youth today. More and more college students are getting addicted to drugs. Campuses are having their own drug culture. The youth thinks that abusing drugs is cool. Peer pressure drives sober college kids into drugs. It is very important for the youth know why it is vital to quit drugs, for drugs can result in horrific incidents.

Drugs influence health

Most drugs have huge health consequences. Continued abuse of drugs can lead to chronic health problems. Heroin and other painkillers adversely affect the lungs. They suppress the lungs and can lead to Tuberculosis, abscesses and pneumonia. Marijuana has its own set of health consequences too. It alters the functioning of the brain which is quite similar to the changes in the brain caused by schizophrenia. Marijuana is as well very bad for the lungs and can cause severe lungs damage. Another common drug - Methamphetamine is also very harmful for the whole body, especially the nervous system. Continued use of drugs leads to a damaged immune system; weight loss and malnutrition that would make the user lose the resistance to common illness.

Drugs can cause instantaneous death

Some drugs are so dangerous for the user that they can actually kill at the first time they are used. For example, cocaine can put a lot of stress on the heart and the arteries leading to an increased risk of heart attack. Alcohol related accidents are commonplace; an overdose of alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning and death. Opiates can cause death when overdosed; and many celebrities, who have died of drug overdose, were using opiates before their death. Ecstasy can overheat the body leading to organ failures.

Drugs can damage college/job performance

Drugs have an adverse effect on job and academic performance. People on drugs usually cannot focus and blame their failures on others. Drugs can cause illness and, therefore, lead to absenteeism. Homework and job assignments aren't completed on time because the user is intoxicated. Drug abuse leads to more mistakes and eccentric behaviors.

Drugs break relationships

Drug abuse can seriously damage relationships. Drug addicts tend to become alienated from their spouses or significant others. They become violent when not being able to find their drugs; they do not have time to give to their families; they do not understand the reality and their judgment is clouded by the drugs; they spend money on drugs, lose jobs and do poor in school, thus, putting a lot of strain on their relationships. Quitting drugs is therefore a big step in becoming a better partner and improving the quality of family life.

Drugs are costly

Drugs are expensive, and it puts a strain on the finances of the drug abuser. Marijuana addicts can spend around $300-$500 per month. A heroin addict can spend as much as $150-$200 per day. Pain killers are even more addictive and expensive. Drug abusers can end up doing illegal activities to find money for their addiction. Saving this money can really improve the quality of life.

Quitting drugs is not an easy task, but perseverance is important.

"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking." - Zen Proverb

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