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Say NO to drinking

We live in a world where alcoholic beverages are being promoted on daily basis both through mass media and advertising like billboards. People are enticed to perceive drinks as something that—in a harmless and magical way—will help them relax, forget their problems and enjoy various tastes of cocktails, wines, and more. However, no company will tell you the truth about how or what those beverages are made from; what the side effects of alcohol consumption can be; or, even, the death-rate statistics because of drinking.

Therefore, while having all the hidden horrific facts wrapped in the shiny labels of widely promoted drinks, we should be able to separate the truth that there are far more benefits in quitting drinking than we are actually aware of.

Staying Fit

Alcohol, in fact, contains a great amount of empty calories, consumption of which makes the body pile its sugars as excess fat. Besides that, vitamins, minerals and nutrients from other sources are prevented from being absorbed by your organism. Therefore, quitting drinking helps your body to restore vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, and zinc intake.

Moreover, alcohol prevents your muscles from recovering and shuts down the ability of the body to convert carbs into energy—resulting in the reduction of your endurance. If you have weight goals to maintain or want to stay flexible and not get tired too fast while being active, you will find it is much easier to stay on track when sober.

Being Less Prone to Get Sick

Alcohol consumption has a harsh impact on your body, elevating the risk of a range of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and cognitive disorders.

Long-term alcohol use is linked to the development of dementia. Also, alcohol overuse amplifies risk for high blood pressure, and thus for kidney or heart disease, and stroke. It weakens the ability of your body to resist infectious diseases and Type II diabetes.

The positive effects of quitting drinking can be felt almost immediately. Your liver function and blood sugar balance will improve in just a month or two. Your immune system will be under much less pressure, which, accordingly, will restore your natural resistance to the cold and some other treatable illnesses. In addition, if your body is currently in the need of physical rehabilitation, giving up alcohol will help it to restore faster.

And last, but not least – you will be hangover free every time you wake up, which leads to a decrease in painkillers’ consumption and better liver functionality.

Acting Smarter

Life is long road posing lots of challenges require you dealing with them with lots of strength and persistence needed. Alcohol will not be much of a use in this case, but quitting will. It is scientifically proven that alcohol has an ability to reduce senses and brain-work intensity. Therefore, putting an end to alcohol consumption has the potential to seriously straighten out your view on things and your mindset.

Having at least five alcoholic beverages in one night will affect your thinking and analyzing processes of your brain for up to three days after intoxication. That’s why a sober lifestyle is more efficient and productive than a combination of sobriety with the episodes of drunkenness..

Feeling Better

Contrary to the common belief that alcohol consumption can help you to suppress the negativity that you are feeling, it actually has a tendency to make emotions more extreme and even painful under its direct influence. Moreover, there can be a distortion of feelings that leads to depression in a great amount of cases. For those with existing emotional management issues, the consequences of heavy drinking can be dramatic and, even, violent. If you are currently involved in a romantic relationship, extensive drinking combined with the loss of control over emotions can lead to misunderstanding and break-ups. You have to go sober for maximum emotional stability.

“I think that the power is the principle. The principle of moving forward, as though you have the confidence to move forward, eventually gives you confidence when you look back and see what you’ve done.” – Robert Downey Jr.

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