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The Way to Success is through Self-Enhancement

“Where you are right now does not have to determine where you will end up. No one has written your destiny for you. …you write your own destiny. You make your own future.” — Barack Obama

The definition for success can be based on how you perceive the world and its values. A vast majority of people nowadays think that being successful means having a great deal of money and\or being famous.. However, “Latin word ‘successus’ – from which the English term springs – is defined as ‘an advance, uphill, approach,’ without singling out the specific nature of the goal one is striving to reach.”(Graham Collier)

So, what does it really take to be successful?

What are you good at?

Although everyone is different, we all tend to have one thing in common—each of us has a talent for something. It, being either an inherent gift or an acquired skill, makes us special and gives us one of the most important ingredients of being successful. Be it a great voice or an extraordinary ability to persuade people into buying something. It’s your responsibility to discover what your talent is and how to apply it on the way to self-development and happiness.

“There is no excuse for not trying...”

You may be experiencing hardships at the moment, such as dealing with disappointment and failure, but your current circumstances do not determine your future. Michael Jordan gave a great insight into what helps us succeed: “I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that’s why I succeed.” Barack Obama once said: “do not let your failures define you“you have to let them teach you.” Failure basically tells you that next time you need to work harder, stay focused and give more thought and consideration towards your aim. The most successful people in the world had the largest number of failures that they overcame and learned from.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

The perception of the need for help nowadays is often misunderstood with the notion of being weak. Perhaps, you have fear of asking friends or family for help, as you do not want to be seen as incapable of accomplishing things on your own. But people who ask for guidance are ready to admit they don’t know something and are ready to absorb new knowledge and boost their self-development. It’s a strength to rely on others for help as we grow and become more capable. All of the greats and heros of the world have all relied on others to make their dreams a reality.

“Don’t ever give up on yourself...”

Often, opinions of others can cause you to question your abilities, knowledge and desire for achievements. Experiencing discouragement from other people and inner struggle caused by it is not easy to deal with. That is why, “when you feel like other people have given up on you – don’t ever give up on yourself!” (Barack Obama)

You are the only person who knows what you are capable of, how determined you can be, and what gives you the strongest motivation to pursue your goals and dreams. So, dream big, act wisely, and be happy!

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