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3 Ways on How Sobriety Can Benefit You and Your Family

Sobriety, a process of recovering from addiction, is not always easily achievable. It often seems impossible to find strength or will to make a step towards the path of staying clean and committed to yourself.

Family is what most often keeps us going—keeps us alive. So how can being sober actually help your family?

Emotional Well-Being

Substance Use Disorder often causes arguments, emotional breakdowns, worries about safety, or even divorces.

Action towards sobriety will reduce and, eventually, eliminate the source of unhealthy and unnecessary rage, and help to restore emotional stability, comfort and understanding among family members.

Physical Health

Extensive use of addictive substances has a negative impact on the physical health of the addict, ranging from hangovers to more serious cases of chronic cough, breathing problems, liver cirrhosis, lung necrosis, and more. Under the influence of such substances, violent outbreaks may occur, possessing the threat to family members and friends.

Accordingly, the way to sobriety is the way to saving your health, as well as protecting the people you love from physical damage of your hand.

Wealth and Prosperity

Have you ever tried to count how much money you’ve spent on addiction per week, month or year? No? Here’s an example: the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the USA is $7. Let’s say you buy 3 packs a week—which comes to at least $21 spent per week, $91 per month, and $1,092 per year. That’s over a thousand dollars spent on an addictive habit that damages your health! Is it really worth it?

Sobriety allows you to manage your money much more wisely. Would it not be a better investment to save and buy a pet for your child, romantic trip for you and your loved one, or even a car or house for yourself?

Moreover, giving up an addictive habit decreases the chances of being admitted to the hospital due to “playing with the fire of addiction”. Therefore, the amount of money spent on doctors will shrink, as well as the amount of loans to pay medical bills.

If it seems impossible to get out of the cycle of addiction, turn to one of the people who love and care about you. And, at the same time, remind yourself how much you love them and how much you’d for them to be hurt by anyone—including yourself. You have one life, one body, and one family: without all that you are non-existent so do not lose it.

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