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How to Avoid Common Relapse Triggers

Going through a rehab program can be long and difficult, but if you stick with it, you'll find yourself better off at the other end. With that said, it isn't simply easy sailing once you're out. There will be times where you feel the urge to go back to your former ways. Should you relapse, you'll need to go through the addiction recovery process again in order to develop a new sober lifestyle. These are the most common triggers for a relapse and how you should avoid them.


Above all else, stress is the leading cause of a relapse. Now, completely cutting out stress is not always possible, so learning to deal with stress is a must. First, you'll need to focus on managing your time effectively. Exercise and a healthy diet can also help defuse these issues as well as improve your sense of well-being.


Your memory creates connections between people and places. If there is a certain location where you used to indulge, you might find it often triggers bad memories. The same can be said of people. While difficult, it is likely best for you to cut out the connections with people who you weren't that close to and didn't help your addiction. It might mean moving to a new apartment or no longer going to your favorite restaurant, but whatever it is, your sobriety may depend on it.

Negative feelings

Did someone at work say something that really hurt your feelings or made you upset? If so, these negative feelings may lead to a relapse. Many people turn to food for comfort after going through a hard time, such as a break-up. Drugs and alcohol may be your "comfort food". You need to turn to other options to fight your negative feelings. This is another area where exercise can help. Seeing your help groups and a therapist are also good opportunities to talk through these feelings.


So everyone is out celebrating. You want to join in, but it likely connects mentally to your former usage. Whether drugs or alcohol, this is the problem area. It may take you some time before you feel comfortable enough to enjoy celebrations with others without feeling the urge to drink, so seek out a healthy friend who understands and is up for having a safe celebration with you instead.

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