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From Addict to Author: Part 2

So what made him turn his life around? He would tell you working with his recovery programs. It took a long time for him to understand his life was worth saving. He was born in the Deep South as a gay, black man. He felt a lot of shame, pain, and guilt simply for being born.

Not only his recovery programs, but also he says God intervened to turn his life around as well. After many times of his therapist telling him to go to a meeting he finally went. He learned that codependence was the root of his disease, and learned to trust God. Soon after he entered a sex and love addicts anonymous to come clean about his sexual past. It opened up new light and understanding to abuse he endured fifteen years prior. At that time he also quit drinking.

Three years ago he identified as a codependent, sex/love addict, alcoholic, and compulsive debtor. Now he can say he is three years sober from sexual addiction, three years sober from alcohol, and forty-two days abstinent from incurring any unsecured debt.

Continuing to clean out the toxins in his life he let go of an abusive relationship with an active addict. He is now with a loving man who his also in a recovery program. He works on the 12 steps, goes to different fellowships, and currently has three sponsors and sponsors three people himself. On top of all that he even chairs meetings and provides different levels of service.

Now he is thriving as a best selling author on addiction and owns a practice as a mental health therapist.

“I help other addict’s everyday of my life. I am committed to having a life worth living. It's possible, because I am living it now. “

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