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Sober Stories: The 12 Steps

He was the oldest of four children. Growing up with a young mother and no dominant father figure he was always yearning for some fatherly love. At the young age of 12 he started drinking, and soon after tried smoking marijuana. He loved the feeling of loosing his sense of reality.

Throughout his freshman year of high school he was in and out of treatment centers. His mom didn’t know what to do with him so once he was 17 he moved in with his father. Having his father work third shift, he had more freedom than he knew what to do with. That’s when he made the wrong kind of friends and started diving into selling, and doing drugs. The thought of making money excited him, and boy was he making it. He was until one day the swat team came in and raided his house with flash bombs. He was charged with possession of cocaine, but that did not stop him.

One day him and his buddies were going to buy drugs from their dealer. Shockingly their dealer had other plans in mind that day. When they arrived, the dealer pulled out a gun and tried to rob them. He shot his friend in the leg, and started shooting at him only missing his head by a few inches. He made it out without getting shot, but getting pistol whipped instead.

After that incident he went away to jail, along with the rest of his friends. Everyone he knew was locked away. Even after he was released he still didn’t want to change his ways. At age 21 he hit rock bottom and didn’t care what happened to his life. After getting into a violent fight one day he ended up going to the hospital and getting revived back to life. It was another wake up call that he didn’t want to pick up and listen to.

Trying to get a fresh start he decided to move to Florida with his mother. Though that did not change the type of people he hung out with or his usage of drugs and alcohol. He had an empty hole in his heart, which he did not know how to fill. So he then turned to a new drug, Roxicodone.

Fast-forward four years later he knew he had to stop. He did a detox and cut the cord from Roxicodone, but continued to drink, smoke, and use cocaine. Just a short two years later he met up with a friend who was still taking Roxicodone. In an instant he began using it again for the next three years. Eventually the urge to quit the pills struck him again and he packed everything up and moved back to Ohio with his four-year-old son and started to sell cocaine again.

Mistakenly he ended up selling to a criminal informant one day who charged him with four counts of trafficking cocaine. While going through the prosecution he continued to abuse drugs, which included heroin. With four felonies on his plate he was in a dark hole and didn’t know how to get out. He sent his son to live with his mother and soon after got caught again with cocaine and heroin. Faced with two more felonies he knew he needed to reach out to someone and get help.

His stepfather reached out to him and invited him to a fellowship. By going he finally put a name to what he was going through, alcoholism. There he learned a 12-step growth plan that helped him get where he is today.

  1. To be honest and admit he was a true addict.

  2. That he could change is actions and behaviors with help from a higher power.

  3. Give up what power he thought he had to the higher power to help him.

  4. To learn about himself and realize he was fearful of many things.

  5. To help realize what he did wrong by telling other addicts or alcoholics about what he did.

  6. Wanting his higher power to take away all his defects.

  7. Wanting his higher power to guide him through his life.

  8. To make amends with the loved ones he had hurt while he used drugs and alcohol.

  9. Make sure he doesn’t hurt himself or others while making amends with people.

  10. Making sure not to repeat old toxic behaviors.

  11. Getting a spiritual awakening.

  12. To make sure he stays on the straight and narrow path away from drugs and alcohol.

“For myself, religion is for people that are scared to go to hell, and being spiritual is for people that have been to hell that are scared to go back.”

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